Update 3/30/20 
COVID-19 Construction Site Management Plan
Today is the 13th day since Governor Wolf ordered the closing of all non – essential businesses. We truly hope that all employees and their loved ones are still healthy, feeling well and not experiencing symptoms of the COVID – 19 virus.  
In an effort to protect all employees and help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, R.A. Kennedy has put in place some policies and have been sharing some simple ideas as recommended by the health authorities.  
• If you have contracted the coronavirus, come in contact with a person with the coronavirus, or otherwise think you may have been exposed to the coronavirus, contact your doctor immediately. Then inform your supervisor 
immediately after your doctor. 
• Treat everyone as if they are a potential carrier of the disease. 
• Do not come to work if you are exposed to someone being tested for the coronavirus, or who has contracted the coronavirus  
• Do not come to work if you are ill or if you have any flu or flu like symptoms 
• If possible, check your temperature before you leave the house. Do not come to work if your temperature is 100 degrees or more. 
• Though work may be available, because of the circumstances surrounding the current health crisis, we are leaving the decision to come to work up to each employee. There will be no penalty or negative repercussions from the 
Company for those who chose not to come to work for personal reasons related to the COVID – 19 crisis.   
• We require all employees either on the jobsite or in the shop to follow some simple precautionary measures as recommended by Health 

  o Practice Social Distancing. Keep as much space as possible between you and others at all times while in the             field, trailers, shop, office, and during breaks. The recommended distance is 6 feet or more between you and             others. 
  o Wash your hands with soap and water frequently for 20 seconds or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer  
  o If you are arriving at the work from a public space please wash your hands immediately upon arrival. 
  o Use whatever PPE you are provided 
  o Do not share PPE 
  o Whenever possible, wash and reuse PPE (ie work gloves) 
  o Avoid shaking hands and other social greetings with others. 
  o Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands. 
  o If you develop a cough or flu like symptoms while at work, please notify your supervisor then leave the job               immediately. 
  o Avoid close contact with people who are sick. 
  o Do not come to work if you are sick. 
  o Do not come to work if you are exposed to someone being tested for the coronavirus, or who has contracted             the coronavirus  
  o Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces more often.   
  o Do not share food or beverage with others 
  o More information can be found at coronavirus.gov. 

• All employees must follow all jobsite safety measures including new measures established as a result of the current health crisis. 
• Report any jobsite concerns to your supervisor 
• Supervisors must maintain a log of all employees who come to work each day. 
• Supervisors must maintain a log of all visitors and delivery drivers, 
including their cell phone numbers, who visit the site each day. 
• As your employer we are doing our best to locate, purchase and distribute PPE such as gloves, masks and disinfectant products, however because these items are not always available, we ask for everyone’s help to locate PPE. If you locate some of these items, the company will reimburse any cost incurred to secure these much needed PPE items. 
• Tom Kennedy is our point person for all issues related to the coronavirus. 
• We require supervisors to inform Tom Kennedy immediately upon learning 
of any coronavirus related issue. 
• Tom Kennedy and company management will do their best to keep you 
informed if any issues arise within the company related to the coronavirus. 
Feel free to reach out to your supervisors with any questions. 
Company Contact Information
  • Al Batten - ABatten@Raksons.com / ext:107
  • Bob Kennedy - BKennedy@Raksons.com / ext:108
  • Chris R. Kennedy - Ckennedy@Raksons.com / ext:120
  • Dan Mangat - Dmangat@Raksons.com / ext:112
  • Elaine King - EKing@Raksons.com / ext:104
  • Jerry Moser - JMoser@Raksons.com /ext:119
  • Jim Trainer - JTrainer@Raksons.com / ext:103
  • Joe Kraus - JKraus@Raksons.com / ext:115
  • Joe Petriccione - JPep@raksons.com
  • John Hermansen - JHermansen@Raksons.com / ext:118
  • Pat McFillin - PMcfillin@Raksons.com / ext:116
  • Tim Petriccione - TPep@raksons.com
  • Tom Kennedy - Tkennedy@raksons.com / ext:109
  • Tom Flynn - TFlynn@Raksons.com / ext:101
  • Tom Milcarek - TMilcarek@Raksons.com / ext:113
  • Tony Jordan - TJordan@Raksons.com / ext:117
  • Chris M. Kennedy - Cmkennedy@Raksons.com / ext:102
  • Mike Gresko - Mgresko@raksons.com / ext. 114

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